All-purpose charger – TC 6000 family

With this universal charger, you can charge all popular cells quickly, safely, and simply
– and you can use it not only at home but also anywhere in the world your travels take you. Four interchangeable outlet adapters guarantee the ability to charge up to four batteries at a time – no matter where you are. The TC 6000 family is microprocessor-controlled and has numerous functions offered only by premium devices. Automatic end-of-charge detection circuitry, maintenance charging, discharge function and LCD charge status display are all part of the extensive features of the TC 6000.



  • suitable for all popular cells (mignon, micro,
    baby, mono, and 9V block)
  • intelligent microprocessor control
  • integrated LCD display with detailed charging status monitoring
  • shut-off after -dV
  • automatic switchover to maintenance charging after battery is fully charged
  • discharge function
  • with 100 to 240 V and 4 outlet adapters, it can be used worldwide