Compact Charger TC 200 USB

The compact TC 200 USB charger offers the classic and simple function of charging your batteries – as well as something extra. A USB port optimizes the functionality of the charger, so that you can also charge your portable devices, such as smartphone or tablet, at any time. The TC 200 is suitable both for micro and mignon batteries and can thus be used flexibly. Space is provided for two batteries each on the front and back – and all the connections can be used simultaneously! Simple and well thought out – the compact TC 200 plug-in charger.


  • compact, light, and easy to use
  • charging of up to 4 micro or mignon batteries (AAA & AA)
  • USB port for direct charging of mobile devices with up to 1,000 mA
  • integrated LCD display to detect operating status
  • possible to use all battery slots and the USB connection simultaneously
  • thanks to eco-friendly technology, no power consumption in standby mode


Art.No.: 17218


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