tecxus – The Power of X

We view ourselves as the brand which makes it easy for the consumer to buy the right batteries, chargers, and flashlights, while meeting the highest quality requirements.

Our quality requirement

Nearly all of our batteries offer the highest capacities (mAh) available in the market – using state of the art technology, manufacturing processes and quality controls. Compare by yourself. Our excellent product quality has been proven in independent test by consumer magazines – outperforming products made by renowned competitors, or by awards given by independent bodies for ease of operation, or design. Test our products – the quality will convince you. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find “your” product – which requires a comprehensive, while still manageable range of products. On one hand, our range of is comprehensive in width:

We offer (one-way) batteries, and rechargeable batteries.

Not only do we carry a comprehensive range of alkaline cells, but we were also one of the first brands to offer high-performance lithium batteries; developing a competitive edge. Regarding rechargeable batteries, we offer NiMH (nickel metal hydride) rechargeable batteries on one hand, the classic products among high-quality rechargeable batteries. And also offering innovative “Ready to Use” cells, rechargeable batteries precharged to be used right out of the package.

Our comprehensive battery range:

We are one of very few brands offering a comprehensive range of the best-selling cell types – Micro, Mignon, Baby, Mono, and 9V block – not only in alkaline technology, but also rechargeable batteries and “Ready to Use” cells. Our range of products is manageable, because we only keep a single line per each technology of batteries, and we offer only chargers clearly differentiating each other in function and intended use, thus offering additional value. Our battery range can be easily identified according to technology by a simple color code – when you are looking for an alkaline battery, simply take “the blue one” from tecxus.

All of this is offered for at a fair price-performance ratio. Since our founding year in 2002, we have been committed to continuously improving the quality of our product range. A steady growth with many new products, and a daily increase in the number of trading partners in more and more countries worldwide are confirmation, and at the same time motivation for us.